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There is something about Pugs, those eyes, the quirks and the Unconditional Love. We want you to have Happy, Healthy and Funny Pugs.

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Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Pug

There are loads of things that you should know before getting a pug. • Where Do Pugs Come From? • What is the Size of a Full-Grown Pug? • What is the Ideal Weight for Pugs? • When Do Pugs Stop Growing? • What is the Average Lifespan of a Pug? • What Colors do Pugs Come In? • Pug Temperament and Personality • Are Pugs Easy to Train? • Are Pugs Good with Kids and Family? • Are Pugs Aggressive (Can they Bite)? • Do Pugs Shed a Lot? • Controlling Excessive Shedding • Do Pugs Need a lot of Exercises? • How Often Should You Bathe Your Pug? • Do Pugs Have a lot of Health Problems? • Do Pugs Bark a lot? • Are Pugs Good for First-Time Owners? • What Dog Foods are Appropriate for Pugs? • How Many Times Should You Feed Your Pug in a Day? • What Human Foods can Pugs Eat? • How Many Puppies can Pugs Have?

Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Insurance for a Pug

What is Pet Insurance for a Pug? Pet insurance for a pug is insurance structured to pay either in part or in full for the medical costs of treating a pug. Like health insurance for people, pet insurance provides this benefit, but to a given level. Generally, pet insurance is mostly meant to give pet owners peace of mind: the awareness that they’ll be able to provide their pugs with the veterinary care whenever needed.

Is it Normal for Pugs to Breathe Heavily?

is it normal for pugs to breathe heavily? Heavy breathing in pugs is relatively common within the breed. They often have difficulty in breathing in certain situations given that their breathing passages are shorter and compact. However, pugs tend to have some serious breathing issues that should never be ignored.

How Much is a Pug Dog?

In the united states, buying a Pug will set you back $1000-$3000. In India, where there is a flourishing market for Pugs, the cost is between 5000Rs to 20000Rs (equivalent to about $70-$280) and in Britain (London) you will have to pay £500- £1500 (equivalent to roughly $660-$2000). These are average prices for a healthy puppy from a reputable and registered breeder. The prices can spike up %200-%300 if you are looking for high pedigree or ‘show dog’ quality. On the other side of the price range, you may be able to find a pug in a shelter or rescue and only have to pay a symbolic amount which will cover expenses such as spaying/ neutering vaccination and food.

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