Are Pugs Easy to Train? Good Luck

Pugs are definitely trainable. They may not be the easiest dogs to train but they can be trained. Pugs respond well to positive reinforcement. It will take some patients and, in the beginning, this will be dependent on treats, but the more you progress, voice commands and reassurance may be sufficient. Pugs can be trained for basic obedience, commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay ‘and ‘don’t touch’. Potty training can also be achieved and training for Separation Anxiety may also be accomplished.

How Much Do Pugs Cost in California?

The going price for a Pug in California is around a Thousand Dollars ($1000). This is an average price for a normal purebred Pug from a reputable breeder. If you are opting for a Pug with pedigree or one destined to be a show dog, the cost can easily run up to even $5000- $6000. On the other end of the price range, you can find Pugs from rescues or shelters for as little as $150 and other shady deals that probably originate in Puppy mills.

Are Pugs Loving? Do They Cuddle?

Pugs live and breath to love and to cuddle. From the moment they wake up, and preferably while asleep, they crave human affection and touch. Pugs have been bred to be companion dogs for over two thousand years, and there is nothing more natural for them than the close proximity of their immediate family; you. But this love will also extend to the rest of the household, the neighbors, and practically anyone who wants it.

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