Do Pugs Make Good Pets?

You Wonder if Pugs Actually Make Good Pets?
The answer would have to be an overwhelming YES. Pugs are wonderful companions, they have a lot of character, they are very affectionate and they will get along with kids, babies, strangers and even your mother in law. You will have no problem if you have other dogs, cats and practically everyone. They are suited for apartment life and you really will be getting ‘A lot of Dog in Small Package’.

Do Pugs Get Cancer?

Is Cancer common with Pugs?
About fifty percent of all dogs above the age of ten will have a type of cancer. Pugs are actually NOT one of the higher risk breeds but are not immune to it and around thirty percent will still have to be treated for cancer. There are ways to reduce the chance of your pug having cancer and with early detection and proper treatment there is also a good chance of recovery.

Do Pugs Shed?, Funny you should ask

How much do Pugs shed? Pugs shed a lot, I mean, really a lot. Because of their metabolism, the thickness, density and speed that their fur grows, you may find your Pug leaving fur around the house, on furniture and on clothes in amounts that don’t seem to be proportional to his or her size. Pugs shed all year and will require care and grooming if you want to keep the fur situation under some form of control.

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