What Kind of Temperament Do Pugs Have?

A pug has a friendly disposition and is highly affectionate. They have plenty of personality and will get along with people, children and even the ear pulling of babies. They can be stubborn at times but their temperament and energy will usually be aimed at cuddling and playfulness. The Pug has been bred for the purpose of being a companion dog and great companions they are.

Are Pugs Expensive? The Real Cost of Buying and Owning a Pug

What is the real cost of buying and owning a Pug?
A Healthy Pug Pup from a reputable breeder may cost $1500 to $3000, even more of you are looking for pedigree. If you are more flexible about age, you might be able to find a Pug from adoption or rescue for $250 to $500. The cost over a lifetime, including food, vet bills, and some necessities may be between $18000 to $30000 for a lifespan of 12-15 years

Do Pugs Bark A Lot? How Noisy Are They?

Do Pugs bark a lot? And how loud are they?
The answer is, yes, of course they bark, this is how they communicate. Gladly though, Pugs are not very loud barkers, and compared to most other breeds they don’t bark a lot. I like to think of Pugs a ‘Practical Barkers’ meaning they will bark to make a point, to convey a certain message or if they think it is necessary.

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