Do Pugs Shed?, Funny you should ask

How much do Pugs shed? Pugs shed a lot, I mean, really a lot. Because of their metabolism, the thickness, density and speed that their fur grows, you may find your Pug leaving fur around the house, on furniture and on clothes in amounts that don’t seem to be proportional to his or her size. Pugs shed all year and will require care and grooming if you want to keep the fur situation under some form of control.

Do Pugs Bark A Lot? How Noisy Are They?

Do Pugs bark a lot? And how loud are they?
The answer is, yes, of course they bark, this is how they communicate. Gladly though, Pugs are not very loud barkers, and compared to most other breeds they don’t bark a lot. I like to think of Pugs a ‘Practical Barkers’ meaning they will bark to make a point, to convey a certain message or if they think it is necessary.

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