Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Insurance for a Pug

What is Pet Insurance for a Pug?
Pet insurance for a pug is insurance structured to pay either in part or in full for the medical costs of treating a pug. Like health insurance for people, pet insurance provides this benefit, but to a given level. Generally, pet insurance is mostly meant to give pet owners peace of mind: the awareness that they’ll be able to provide their pugs with the veterinary care whenever needed.

Do Pugs Get Cancer?

Is Cancer common with Pugs?
About fifty percent of all dogs above the age of ten will have a type of cancer. Pugs are actually NOT one of the higher risk breeds but are not immune to it and around thirty percent will still have to be treated for cancer. There are ways to reduce the chance of your pug having cancer and with early detection and proper treatment there is also a good chance of recovery.

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