Pug Clothes and Accessories: Dress Your Pug for the Occasion

There’s no doubt that pugs make our lives a thousand times better thanks to their cute, expressive, and little crinkly faces. But have you ever come across a pug dressed for an occasion? Believe it or not, there’s nothing better than having your pug dressed up for a special occasion! Pugs are generally comical, but getting them dressed will be even more pleasurable. Your pug will be super cute and super cool. Fortunately for you and for him, that’s not all; there are lots of benefits that come with dressing up your pug.

Dog clothes have lately become very popular with dog owners. They have an inclination to this area than other areas of dog ownership, well apart from the well-being of their lovely dogs. Pugs are known to be fairly obliging when it comes to dressing up and will almost try anything. That’s why pug clothes and accessories have become so popular with every pug owner looking to grab something for his/her little cutie.

It’s a known fact that pugs often crave attention. And it’s highly likely that they’ll love getting dressed up if it means making you happy. While not all pugs will wear clothes and accessories, most of them will be just fine putting on something nice. That’s why we’ve put together this guideline on how to dress up your little cute pug.


What to do to Ensure that Your Pug Loves Clothes?

At first, you might notice that your pug won’t be fond of putting on anything on his body. This is because he’s not used to it. So it’s ideal to start introducing your pug to clothes early in his life. You should do it consistently until he gets used to them and then it’ll become much easier to dress him up.

The best approach is to ensure that you go for pug clothes and accessories that are designed to go on easily on him. For instance, the best bet is to go for clothing that you can put on your pug the way you put on a harness.

How Can You Guarantee Your Pug’s Safety with Clothes and Accessories?

Your pug’s safety should obviously be your main concern when choosing pug clothes and accessories. You already know that your pug is a brachycephalic breed. His flat face and head structure make his respiratory system less efficient.

As such, you should go for clothes and accessories that fit well but do not cut off his circulation. In other words, you shouldn’t go for clothes or accessories that are too big. This is because they can trip you pug or they can become tangled in the clothes, which may, in turn, cause serious injuries. Similarly, the clothing shouldn’t be too small because it can become too constricting to your pug.

Although clothes and accessories may make your pug look cuter and more clownish, they’re things that make you, as the dog owner feel better and not essentially the pug. And while there’s nothing wrong with dressing up your pug, his safety and health concerns should be your main priority in whatever you do. That being said, there are lots of benefits of dressing up your pug.


What are some of the Benefits for Dressing up Your Pug?

Your pug is pretty much part of your family now and you probably want to dress him up just like you’re dressing your kids. In addition to your pug’s safety and well-being, comfort should be one of the things to look at when dressing up your pug. So is there any appropriate reason for dressing up your pug?

Cold Weather – Of course, there are benefits of dressing up your pug and cold weather is obviously one of them. Cold climates can have adverse effects on the well-being of your pug. Some winter seasons are almost unmanageable without a proper coat or sweater over your pug’s body. Dogs, by nature, are made for the cold. However, an extra layer can be occasionally vital for keeping their inner heat, especially when it’s freezing cold.


How about some Little Boots?

You can imagine how your pug feels when you take him out for a walk in freezing cold weather. You should, therefore, go for some little nice boots if you always take him on regular walks on icy and salted pathways. Such pathways can be potentially unsafe to your lovely pug and so it’s important to protect his paws from any potential harm. 

Hot Weather – While we know that your pug will look lovely in clothes and accessories, you should be extra careful to ensure that he doesn’t overheat. In fact, the general rule is that you shouldn’t dress up your pug in hot weather as they’re prone to overheating. But what can you do if you want to keep your pug cooler during extremely hot summers?


Well, the best thing to do is to get your pug loose fit clothes and accessories that can protect him from scorching heat. For this reason, you can get your pug a cooling vest that can help regulate his temperature at normal levels, which is basically crucial for his well-being.

You can also get him some cool eye shades or even sunscreen to protect him from getting sunburned. Generally, your pug’s summer clothes and accessories should be designed to keep him safe and fresh during outdoor activities in hot weather.


Dealing with Anxiety in Your Pugs

In addition to keeping your pug warm during winter and cooler during summer, clothes and accessories can help your pug deal with anxiety. You can help your pug deal with anxiety by getting him a snug-fitting vest. This vest will help him when he’s anxious during a thunderstorm or when you’re attending a big fireworks show with him. A snug-fitting vest is basically made to make your pug feel safe and comfortable.

So is it Cruel to Dress up Your Pug?

It’s not cruel to dress up your pug once in a while as long as you’re doing it safely and without causing any harm to him. For instance, you shouldn’t wrap a scarf around your pug’s neck if there’s the likelihood that it will choke him or interfere with his respiratory system.

No matter what animal welfare groups say, you know your pug’s temperament and personality better than anyone else. So if your pug is patient enough and can happily dress up for a quick photo (or to amuse your Instagram followers), then that’s awesome; go ahead and dress him up for that moment.


But if your pug is sensitive and shy and may get uncomfortable and/or upset in clothes and accessories, it would only be wise to let the dressing up idea pass. In essence, there’s no law barring you from dressing up your pug as long as you do not cause any hazards.

How to Find a Perfect Fit for Your Pug

You’re probably not very sure if the clothes and accessories will be a perfect fit for your pug. Well, it’s important to have his measurements, as well as other factors that’ll help you choose the best pug clothes and accessories.

Choose the Perfect Materials – When choosing clothes and accessories for your lovely pug, it’s vital to take into consideration the type of materials used. For instance, cotton is breathable but can take longer to dry, especially during winter. Again, wool can bring warmth, but it can sometimes become itchy.

The bottom line is to go for something depending on the weather and what you want to achieve with the clothing. Just remember not to choose something that will make your pug uncomfortable or hinder his air flow.

For this reason, go for something that perfectly combines washable wool, acrylic, and cotton. Again, you’re not going to buy your pug clothes and accessories on a daily basis. So go for something that will last longer and remain comfortable for your pug.

Have the Right Measurements – You should NOT go for clothes that are either too tight or too big. The rule of thumb is to go for a better fit; something that’s designed with your pug in mind. For example, your pug will be much happier if he can relieve himself without a struggle whilst dressed up.


With that in mind, you should have the exact measurements of your pug’s head, neck, chest, height, and length. Keep in mind that the measurements do not have to be exact to the dot. Instead, go for something with a 2-3 cm margin to afford you some leeway.

It can be difficult to measure your pug if he’s playful and doesn’t stay still. So you can get someone to help you measure him.

What Features Should Pug Clothes and Accessories Have?

There are actually no written rules as to how you should dress your pug. However, the general rule is to ensure that your pug is very comfortable in any attire that you choose for him. As we’ve noted a couple of times in this article, your pug’s safety should be your main priority. You should, therefore, get him clothes and accessories that not only accentuate his already cute features but ensures his safety at all times.

If you’re dressing your pug during winter, it’s crucial to go for something that’s a little dense but comfortable. This will protect him from freezing. On the contrary, go for fresh, open, and loose fitting clothes during hot climates. Remember, something that’s easy to put on and off is of great value.

What Should You Look for When Shopping for Pugs Clothes and Accessories?

In addition to having your pug’s exact measurements and going for the right fabric or material, there are loads of other factors that you should consider when out shopping for your pug’s clothes and accessories.

Avoid Clothes and Accessories that are made with Zippers or Any Other Shiny Thing

You should avoid buying clothes and accessories that are made with zippers. This is because the zipper can get stuck in the fur and can cause pain or injuries to your pug. Similarly, you shouldn’t buy clothes and accessories with glittering things such as buttons, feathers, and fringes. You can’t rule out that your pug will try to chew on any of these objects and may end up being choked or seriously injured.

Go for Something Washable


Pugs are playful and they’ll get wet and dirty and chances are their clothes will also get dirty. For this reason, go for something that can be easily washed. You should also go for something that won’t shrink or expand as a result of frequent machine washing. In other words, go for something that can withstand lots of repeated washing.

Choose Clothes and Accessories Depending on Your Pug’s Temperament


It’s important to know your pug’s temperament and take it into consideration when buying him clothes and accessories. We bet you wouldn’t want full clothing when your pug can only accept something simple.

Do not exceed Your Budget just to Buy Your Pug Clothes and Accessories


Keep in mind that pugs clothes and accessories do not come on the cheap and can leave big holes in your financial pockets. The best way to avoid this is by setting a budget that prevents you from going beyond your financial means. In short, choose wisely and remain within your means.

Try to Avoid Pants


Needless to say, you should avoid buying your pug pants. Instead go for coats, sweaters, t-shirts, vests and, accessories such as hats and shades. Avoiding pants is essential since it allows your pug to relieve himself with ease. If you, however, have to buy him pants, then go for pants that give him the freedom to relieve himself whenever he wants and with ease.

 To this end, it’s unquestionable that buying clothes and accessories for your pug can be thrilling. Pug clothes and accessories, will not only enhance his already cute looks but will make him fashionable. Better still, clothes and accessories can help you protect him from adverse weather conditions. But even with all these benefits, there are lots of things that you should take into consideration when dressing up your pug. The most important factors are his safety and comfort. Therefore, go for clothes that will make your pug safe and comfortable.


 Bottom line? Do not force clothes and accessories on him. Start early in his life and it might not take him long before he claims a seat among the best-dressed dogs on Instagram or in town!


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