In most cases, something serious happens to your Pug you should probably see your vet ASAP. however, in some cases, first aid can either solve the issue or at least keep it from getting worse until you get to your vet.

Eye Drops or Gel: Your Pug’s bulgy eyes are prone to accidents. It could be just a scratch from running into the bushes, a foreign object stuck in there or hair that can’t get out. The Pugs eyelids are stretched over the eyeball and if there is irritation, it may get worse with every blink. It could also just be dust, sand, or very dry weather. In any case of irritation, non medicated eye drops or gel will help and may avoid making things worse until you get to the vet.

Eye Wipes: In cases of small hairs, sand, and other minor irritations, cleaning the eye with dedicated wipes may actually solve the problem permanently. It is still recommended to check with your vet afterward

Bleeding – Styptic Powder: Your pug may bleed from a cut after running in the park or even from over-clipping nails. Dressing the wound is not always possible or practical and there are powders that can stop minor bleeding pretty much on the spot. Very handy to have around the house.

Cone Collar: Dogs will lick, chew, and gnaw at anything that bothers them. They will also use their paw for anything bothering their face area. The best way to keep them from indivertibly causing harm to themselves is a cone collar. The Plastic ones you get at the vets’ will do the job but are often uncomfortable or don’t fit right. It is also a good idea to have one at home. If your pug gets something in her eye, you want to prevent the pawing until you get to the vet.

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