When bringing a puppy or a new dog there are some products you are just going to need. On top of that there are some you may want. Some of these products are probably going to serve you and your Pug for a limited amount of time. With most product I tend to favor the practical over the fancy. That doesn’t always mean it’s always cheaper, sometimes the better quality one will more practical and better looking. I have added links, to either Amazon or other retailers who have these or comparable products so you can check out the prices and other reviews.


There are many different styles sizes and shapes. Here are my recommendations;

Material: I am a big fan of stainless steel when it comes to food and pretty much anything that comes in contact with it. The cleaning is easy, you can always just throw it in the dishwasher (It also blends with my kitchen). They are also perfect if you feed your Pug raw food. (Which we do)

Shape: Nothing special here, just consider short snout. you don’t need a deep bowl. A puppy will tend to step into the bowl if it’s too wide.

Slippage: Some bowls are slippery at the bottom and will easily get pushed around at meal time. To limit the mess and it’s radius look for a non-slip bowl.

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Pugs neck proportions don’t favor collars as you will need to tighten it too much for it not too slip off. Choking or training collars are obviously out of the question. Puppies should definitely not use collars. I prefer Harnesses that hug the body and spread the force over larger areas. A rule of thumb: If you can lift the puppy holding the harness without causing pain or distress, it’s a good fit. We’ve had this one in our store and used it for a long time when we lived in the city. I think it’s a Puppia.  For puppies, there are also very sturdy ones you can actually pick the pup up with.

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If your Pug gets lost, Happens to the best of us, Let the first honest person to find her have your number to call. Put your phone number on the tag or on the back.

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You will also need a leash or lead to connect to the harness. I am in favor of the strong shorter ones, especially for the Pups who have no regard for their surroundings. With this one, I can quickly pull the pup and lift him right into my arms and out of harm’s way.

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There are a lot of benefits to crate training, and your puppy should get used to being comfortable. It needs to be large enough to lay down and turn comfortably but larger is not better in this case. We still feed Lev in her crate to this day. It limits the mess and the cleanup. Some crates have attachments for straps, if you want to take it on the road. We have been using this old plastic crate

If you are not using the crate on daily base, or if you travel with your Pug, you want a Collapsible Portable Dog Crate.  It collapses to fit in the corner or the back of your car and takes anyone just seconds to put up.

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