What Is the Cost of a Pug Dog in India?

In the past few years, Pugs have become very popular in India. If you look at their big bulgy and soulful eyes, the expressive eyebrows and the cute curly tail, how can you blame anyone for wanting a Pug? Ad their playful nature and how great they are with children, adults and other pets and you seem to have a great package for a pet.

So, how much does it cost to get a puppy pug in India?

The Price of a puppy Pug in India ranges from as low as 5000Rs up to 20000 Rs, with the average price around 10000-12000Rs. This wide range is due to several factors. The most important is the quality of the breeder and the lineage of the Pugs themselves. On top of that, there are geographical differences and also simple market considerations such as supply and demand.

The growing market of Pugs in India is fluctuating and there are a lot of considerations to take into account before taking a puppy home. If you are considering bringing this wonderful dog into your home please make sure you have acquired the knowledge to make a calculated decision. I will try and give you all the facts you may need before making up your mind.

Why are Pugs so popular in India?

Pugs have grown in popularity in India, and it seems that in much higher proportions than other dog breeds. Some may attribute this popularity to the widespread mobile phone commercials which have flooded the Indian Airways, such as this one


There are two main reasons pugs have become so popular

Wanting a Pug as a Fashion Statement

Being bombarded with adds introducing the cutest dogs running, playing with children and just being adorable is not only effective to sell whatever you were advertising but also the dog itself (whether the advertiser meant or not). Just like a famous actor/ actress or a fashion model/ celebrity, will grow in popularity, the more they are in commercials. Speaking of actors and celebrities, they have also contributed to the growing popularity of Pugs. The list includes George Clooney, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Robin Williams, Gerard Butler, Hugh Laurie and many more. Add some Indian celebs such as Arundhathi Nair, Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal, and Deepika Samson.

Choosing a Pug for its traits.

Pugs have been bred for over two centuries to be lap dogs and companions. They have a wonderful personality and love to be and interact with people just as much, if not more than other dogs. Pugs love their owners and will get along swimmingly with children, babies, and other pets as well. Any family who brings a Pug into their home will surely appreciate the funny antics and quirks, the cuddling and even the funny noises.


If you just want a Pug because your favorite celebrity has one, don’t. A Pug (or any dog for that matter), is not an accessory. Sure, they are cute, and a great way to draw attention, but that should not be a reason to get one. Pugs are living and loving animals and will require care and attention. Puppies need to be given a warm caring home, they need to be potty trained and house trained. Too many people who have brought dogs into their house for the wrong reasons, or were just not prepared ended up giving them away, or worse, discarding them away. These are the dogs that end up in shelters and rescues, and India the situation is no better.

Do get a Pug from a reputable breeder

Breeding dogs in general and Pugs, in particular, is not as simple as impregnating the female and waiting for the puppies to pop out. Pugs have an odd body shape, with tight hips and wide shoulder, this makes birth often difficult and may even require a C-Section. The welfare of both moms and Puppies is not something to be taken lightly and will affect their health directly. A responsible breeder will make sure that both parents come from a healthy bloodline and clean of a genetic disease which may be typical to Pugs. A good breeder will also not exhaust the moms to death with back to back pregnancies, and will also take the time and care to raise the Puppies till they can be weaned of their mother milk before they are sold. If you are looking for a Pug with Pedigree or one to be a show dog, that is something only a registered breeder with the appropriate background and paperwork will be able to provide.

How do I recognize a good breeder?

A breeder should be registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI). According to the recommendations of the KCI, a breeder should have a copy of his registration and show it upon request. Every puppy should be registered at the KCI and should be microchipped. It only takes 30 days, so every puppy should have one by the time they are sold. Both parents should be registered and microchipped, by law. Insist on NOT paying cash and getting proper documents with the transaction. In any case, do not commit to any payment before seeing the puppy itself and the documents. If the breeder does not comply with any or all of these recommendations, there is a good chance he is not a registered breeder and may just be trying to make a quick profit at you and the dog’s expense. If you suspect someone of fraud, don’t hesitate to contact the KCI 

Be aware of Puppy Mills

Wherever there is demand for purebred dogs, there are also ‘Puppy Mills’. Puppy mills, or puppy farms, are breeders try to maximize profit with disregard to laws, regulation and the animals’ health and welfare. The dogs will often be unhealthy, either because of the conditions they were born into, or the poor health of their mother. These dogs often end up in smaller pet shops and on markets. Raising and breeding dogs, costs money, Quality food, and veterinary care are not cheap. If someone offers you a Pug for a bargain price, there is often a sad reason for it.

Don’t be fulled by the cuteness of these Puppies at Galiff Street Dog Market in Kolkata, Chances are, they are not registered.



Consider Adoption

In many parts of India, there are Rescue centers and other organizations who try and find homes for abandoned dogs. These organizations are usually made up of volunteers and are funded by donations. These organizations will use usually have much lower fees, mostly to cover their expenses and veterinary bills. If you are Looking for a bargain, you might just be making an abandoned dog very happy at the same time.

What else should I know before getting a Pug

Pugs are not perfect dogs.

With all their cuteness Pugs have their share of issues, some behavior quirks, and some health conditions.


As loving and affectionate as pugs are, they also are a bit stubborn. They just seem to know what they want, and if it doesn’t align with what you want, we may have a problem. This may also present itself when trying to train Pugs. This doesn’t mean you cannot train Pugs, it just means that a slightly different approach may be necessary than with other dogs. Fortunately, Pugs do crave love and do like to please. One more thing they love is treats. This combination of treats as a form of positive feedback to their actions should be the general guideline to most forms of training a Pug


Pugs are generally happy and low maintenance dogs. But that does not mean they don’t need some attention, and you need to especially be conscious of certain conditions which get complicated if neglected.


Pugs have typical large bulgy eyes. The fact the eyes protrude this way makes them vulnerable to accidents as well as certain conditions deriving from their anatomical shape. Accidents will include scratches to the eyeball caused by external objects such as branches or even their own dirty paw. Other conditions Include objects getting between the eyeball and the eyelid. It may be an eyelash, a foreign object or even the eyelid turning on itself. All these conditions can usually be resolved by a vet in simple treatments or minor surgical procedures. However, if neglected they can quickly turn into an infection, and then ulcers. If not treated they can ultimately even lead to blindness.

Sensitivity to heat and high humidity.

Pugs cannot tolerate extreme heat and high humidity for a long time. In some parts of India, this can be a real issue. Be attentive to your Pug and make sure to have a relatively cool area for your Pug to rest after outdoor activity in hot weather. More information on eye issues here.

Hip Dysplasia

Many purebreds have hip problems that derive from a genetic reason. This is more typical of large dogs, but Pugs may encounter it too. The best way to avoid it is by knowing the bloodline of the parents.


Pugs shed a lot more hair than one would expect from a dog of this size. Pugs have a double coat, with shedding year-round. More on shedding here…


Pugs are adorable pets and will be a great addition to any home. They do require care and they do need, and command, attention. Give them as much as they give and you can have a happy and healthy Pug.

Additional Questions

Do Pugs Get Cancer?

Pugs are not particularly prone to cancer and are even below average as far as dogs go. This is not to say that pugs don’t get cancer at all, but with today’s medical advancements in treatment, early detection, and proper treatment have a relatively good prognosis and a good chance of partial or full recovery. More on Pugs and Cancer here… 

Do Pugs Bark A Lot?

Like all dogs, Pugs bark. They bark when there is someone at the door, they bark when they want food and they bark when they are surprised or scared. Pugs are not very loud when they bark and do not tend to bark a lot, relative to other dogs. Read more about Pugs and barking here… 



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